Using Fun and Converged Media to Make the Most of an Event Sponsorship

If you were an Outdoor brand and you'd decided to commit to a big event sponsorship like the 2014 GoPro Mountain Games, how would you capitalize on that opportunity? Would you give product away? Make T-shirts? How would you extend the reach of your sponsorship beyond the gates of the event and into the digital space?

This year, we had the chance to help Vasque do just that.

With their booth just steps from the GoPro giveaway booth, they were looking for something that would break through the noise and catch the attention of the 60,000 - 80,000 (reports vary) amateur and professional athletes, families, and outdoor enthusiasts in attendance.

We created a Buzzfeed-style iPad quiz (see question 6 above) that determined attendees’ spirit animals, and then offered a trucker hat to match in the style of the artwork from Vasque’s Find Out What’s Within campaign. Once they had their hat in hand, we took their photo, posted it to a Facebook album and tagged them on Instagram.

By the second day of the festival, it was impossible to look in any direction without seeing Spirit Animal hats.

Event-goers were ravenous for the hats, waiting in line 30 minutes or more for much of the event for the chance to take the quiz, even occasionally ignoring the madhouse GoPro giveaways going on right next door.

Did anyone go to the #GoProMTNGames in Vail and get a #Vasque hat? I am looking for one and I can meet you in East Vail.— Taylor Sullivan ✌ (@tay_sullivan21) June 9, 2014

We arrived with a bunch of hats, three iPads, and a rejuvenated brand that makes killer hiking shoes and performance footwear. We left with zero hats, 1,544 new email addresses, instagram and twitter accounts, and a brand with the confidence to move forward and conquer the world.

The quiz-taking experience was in tents. Get it? See what we did there?

More hats! Hats everywhere!

Spirit Elk and Spirit Wolf trucker hats.