Ways we work with you

Whether our role is tactical, strategic or both, we need to know the whole story in order to tell the best parts.

We’ve developed a proprietary process called ISEE™ to serve as a road map and gut check to make sure our efforts stay aligned with your vision.

ISEE™ is the foundation of how we approach all opportunities, whether it’s for a complete re-branding process, a single marketing campaign, or an interactive website.


Qualitative insights at the heart of customer behavior.

We start with Insights. Who are your target markets and what drives them? What internal and external factors are at play? We don’t just quantify your markets, we qualify them. We uncover the WHY. We dive deep with you and incorporate that know-how to shape your story. We enlist research—either secondary, qualitative, quantitative or a combination of the three—to provide a deep understanding of exactly who we are trying to reach and how they think, act, and feel. Regardless, the insights we gain into the customer mindset during this phase are the basis for everything we do for our clients.


A brand platform that elevates potential.

Insights input the Story—one that only you can own. We blend consumer insights with product assessment and work with you to develop the story that will resonate with your target audience. The story takes its shape in the form of a brand platform. Or in the case of a smaller project, like a branding campaign, the story lives in the form of the creative brief. Either way, it is a brief summation of the story you ultimately need to tell, informed by insights.


Identity and style that tell the story.

Here, we begin to ”hang emotion on the story”—essentially developing creative imagery and words that bring the story to life and begin to emotionally connect the story to the target audience. During this Emotion phase, we either begin assembling the tools of the brand to develop the right tone, style, language, or music that uniquely reflects the story; or, if those tools already exist, we merely make sure we are properly utilizing them and not doing so in conflict with what has already been established as brand standards.


Concepts that drive engagement.

Lastly—though many times in parallel to the Emotion phase—we enter the Engagement phase, where we apply the story and emotion to the development of actual tactical campaigns. Our team determines the best converged media tactics to engage the market. Such tactics are highly focused on eliciting the desired responses from the target audience, utilizing a coordinated and synchronized effort that involves all parties. Our converged media approach—whether the channel is paid, earned or owned—ensures that your brand resonates with your target at all touch points.