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In a marketplace dominated by a few huge brands like The North Face and Patagonia and oversaturated with hungry startups, ExOfficio was struggling to find a path forward as mid-size competitor.

Three ownership changes in just a five year period had further muddied the water for a brand whose innovative origins and clarity of purpose seemed like the distant past. Our research and brand strategy process reinvigorated the team and charted a path for future growth.

Our proprietary research panel and knowledge of the traveler’s mindset showed that ExOfficio didn’t need to compete with The North Faces of the world, they needed to return to the segment they’d helped create: clothes for the enlightened traveler. This was their strongest core area of expertise and created inspiration where only functionality had previously existed.

Campaign and collateral elements helped demonstrate to in-house teams what was possible by embracing the research and insights. With the team on board, ExOfficio set its sights on a new era of success.