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DMOS vs. the Sharing Economy

Skift recently released “Megatrends Defining Travel in 2015.” One of those trends, #9, stuck out to me: "Alternative travel is now a reality across the world,” and the sharing economy is on the rise. So out of both personal and professional curiosity, I conducted a little experiment. It consisted of searching each of the sharing economy apps featured in the Skift report for providers in Montana, our home state, preferred road trip territory, and client.

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The Risk of Undervaluing our Great Walls

"Yellowstone is to us, what the Great Wall is to you," said one of my Chinese tourism counterparts at our recent meeting in Beijing. This shouldn't be a revolutionary concept to a Montanan, but his Confucious-like delivery of such an obvious truth stuck with me all the way to this post. It was the sort of simple pronouncement that makes you say, "Well, duh," yet delivers an amazing moment of clarity at the same time.

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Out of Hotels, Into Hostels: Millennials are Travelers, Not Tourists

Let’s talk Millennials. It’s the generation of 20-somethings and early 30-year-olds defined by birth year but better understood for their appreciation of diversity, global perspective, economic optimism and desire to see the world. What we have is a whole generation of Geotravelers — or, in MercuryCSC lingo, people who are passionate about travel, the outdoors and sense of place.

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Collect the Dots, Then What?

Graph data courtesy Destination Analysts

Writer and entrepreneur Seth Godin always seems to say the right thing in the right way, and I often find myself quoting him or referencing his sage advice. This week was no different as I was explaining to a prospective client about the insights work that we do. To paraphrase Godin, we don’t just collect dots, we connect them. By connecting the right dots, we distill all of those dots down to the most actionable insights for our clients.

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