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Report: Do Your Customers Trust You or the Web? (The Pulse | Think T+O)

In a world brimming with technological advances, consumers who love travel and the outdoors still value face-to-face advice before making a purchasing decision. In MERCURYcsc’s latest edition of The Pulse from Think T+O, we explore the intersection of fear and trust when it comes to the Experience Seekers' purchasing tendencies. Our report offers insights and best practices to marketers wanting to connect with these curious customers.

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Report: 2015 Summer Market Pulse from Think T+O Finds In-Store Sales On the Rise

It’s early August, and OR is on the mind. During the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, we celebrated our Think T+O™ Forum—our proprietary panel of 1,000 experience seekers who are passionate about travel and the outdoors—with some of the best brands in the outdoor industry. We also shared the results from our inaugural Summer Market Pulse, highlight the Forum’s gear purchasing habits in 2014.

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Report: The Truth About Camping? It Isn't Fun. (The Pulse | Think T+O)

Isn’t camping the ultimate definition of a fun time?

Not necessarily. Sure, we like to think about idyllic nights under the bright stars. But then we are reminded of that weekend where we felt trapped in our stinky and leaky tent – all thanks to Mother Nature’s need to rain and the resulting mosquito population.

When asked about what defines a camping experience, the majority of our Think T+O™ Forum members – people who love travel and the outdoors – don’t describe camping as ‘fun.’

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Webinar: Global Consumer Trends and Their Impacts on Sustainable Travel

Talking about consumer trends and how they impact travel and outdoor brands is one of my biggest passions. That’s why I was excited to share recent trends and their impacts with Sustainable Travel International’s two networks: the Sustainable Destination Leadership Network and the Sustainable Travel Leadership Network. This short-and-sweet 36-minute webinar includes insights for travel and outdoor brands, including three key takeaways.

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