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Collect the Dots, Then What?

Graph data courtesy Destination Analysts

Writer and entrepreneur Seth Godin always seems to say the right thing in the right way, and I often find myself quoting him or referencing his sage advice. This week was no different as I was explaining to a prospective client about the insights work that we do. To paraphrase Godin, we don’t just collect dots, we connect them. By connecting the right dots, we distill all of those dots down to the most actionable insights for our clients.

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4 Key Insights about What Consumers Want from Sustainable Destinations

Consumers don't have a consistent understanding of the definition of sustainability, which can make it hard for travel providers to meet their expectations.

Sustainability in the tourism industry was a hot topic as the World Travel Market (WTM) convened earlier this month in London, bringing together an estimated 40,000+ travel professionals from more than 150 countries across the world. Maclaren was there to present research in conjunction with the launch of the Sustainable Destination Leadership Network (SDLN).

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Measuring the ROI of Integrated Brand Campaigns

The only sure way to measure ROI for integrated media is through on-the-ground research.

As difficult as it is to creative advertising that stands out in the crowded marketplace, that can sometimes feel like the easy part. When it comes time to prove the value of marketing campaigns, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what to measure.

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