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The Risk of Undervaluing our Great Walls

"Yellowstone is to us, what the Great Wall is to you," said one of my Chinese tourism counterparts at our recent meeting in Beijing. This shouldn't be a revolutionary concept to a Montanan, but his Confucious-like delivery of such an obvious truth stuck with me all the way to this post. It was the sort of simple pronouncement that makes you say, "Well, duh," yet delivers an amazing moment of clarity at the same time.

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There is No Such Thing as Corporate Social Responsibility—It's All Just Marketing

You are defined by who you do business with as much as who you don't do business with. And it's both unrealistic and a mistake to target everyone. More businesses of all kinds should wear their ethos more proudly. They should align themselves with particular causes because that's how you create a passionate customer base. It's not some distracting corporate social responsibility initiative—it's basic marketing.

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Specialists Abound, But Who's Leading Them?

Complexity. That's where the analogy between building a house and marketing begins. Loads of specialists each working on their own little piece of the project, on their own schedule, with a tedious list of deliverables. Coordinating all those moving parts can be brutal. And the risk of screw-up is large. The dream home can quickly turn into an over-budget, over-delayed nightmare of bad taste and crappy materials. Sound like any marketing efforts you've worked on?

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Embracing Evolution — New Partners at MercuryCSC

Tanya White, Mike Geraci and Stacie Wunsch are now partners at MercuryCSC.

Great work places are based on cultures where employees are truly invested. Of course, a natural step in the evolution of this concept is to have leaders in the company become more than employees—they should have actual equity in the business. So today, I am announcing that three important leaders in the company have each purchased interests in MercuryCSC, becoming partners. I retain ownership as well.

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Outdoors Needs a Champ. Looking at You, Tourism.

An aerial view of the Bridger Mountains near Bozeman, MT. (Photo courtesy of beige.org)

Whether it's chopped up landscapes or underfunding for state parks, it seems we lose a little more of the great outdoors each day. How is this possible? How is it we live in a state where the outdoors is our cultural foundation and yet seem incapable of providing basic funding, let alone figuring out how to protect more of it?

Outdoor preservation isn’t just some act of charity. Because whatever investments we make in outdoor recreation, preservation and access actually pay us back—many times over.

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