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Don't Trump-ify your marketing. You need a strategy.

It's hard to consume news these days without getting bombarded with constant updates of the Republican primary race. The marketing landscape, unfortunately, is analogous of the rhetoric coming out of the mouths of some politicians, where tactics are placed ahead of strategy. There's a lot of impulsive actions without a strategic approach. We would warn any brand who thinks that's a smart idea.

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Research May Bring Comfort, But Inevitably Must Lead to Risk

Six years ago I was sitting in one of those Internet cafés you see in tourism towns in developing nations. This one also had a fax machine, and I was there waiting to receive a fax from my real estate agent, sipping coffee, admiring the decayed colonial splendor of Antigua, Guatemala. I was about to pull the trigger on what was for my family a pretty big lifestyle change and a significant financial risk.

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