Wishing Heart and Head Would Get Together More

Sometimes I wonder whether all this data we now collect has simply become unmanageable. Maybe Facebook is wrong. Maybe they’ll never figure out a way to justify their market value based on some future use of the mountains of data they have on us. What if, just maybe, there is simply now too much data for mere humans to comprehend.

Analysis paralysis already cripples a lot of marketers. I’ve seen it frequently in new business pitches, new projects, existing clients. Data can lead us down a rabbit hole that delivers incremental wins, yet loses sight of the big picture of why consumers connect with brands in the first place.

Rather than utilizing systems of metrics created by others, "You should decide what you are and what you want to measure" said a recent post at Mashable. And from the world of politics comes a recent study reminding us of something we all know yet often forget in marketing—that people simply ignore factual information that is painful to them.

Makes you wonder why we obsess so much over data, when a well-informed guess acted upon more quickly and with more heart might produce better results. When I started my marketing career, creativity ruled the roost. Today, data does. Like most things, I suspect the best solutions lie somewhere in the middle.

Jeff Welch

Chief Executive Officer


Writer, speaker, entrepreneur and leader, Jeff founded and built MercuryCSC into a leading creative agency by connecting brands with people who value travel, the outdoors and sense of place.

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