about us

We connect brands with people who value travel, outdoors, and sense of place.

More and more, people gravitate to other people that are aligned with their values. This sort of clustering is a strong determinant in where people choose to live, what media they consume, what products they buy, and what activities they pursue.

One of the fastest growing groups today are people that you might call "Adventurists." They value experiences over stuff and among their highest priorities in life are travel and outdoor recreation.

The explosive growth in experiential travel and a wider adoption of the outdoor lifestyle have implications for brands in either category. These Adventurists are driving trends in numerous categories and geographies as they demand ever more authenticity and a sense of place.

This clustering of people around sets of shared values parallels—and in some ways is a result of—the explosion of media channels. People—including Adventurists—can only consume so much media, therefore they tend to gravitate to media that shares their same values.

Not unlike today's political environment, the clustering of people and media results in a situation in which the bar of what is authentic and true is raised ever higher. And the implications for marketers are simple: if you don't have a tight strategy and an extreme bullshit meter you're messaging will fail to connect.

This is where MERCURYcsc comes in.

We see clients drowning in tactics today—often disjointed. What we don't see are many clients with a singular strategic focus, rolling up those tactics into campaigns that clear the bullshit meter.

Our ISEE process ensures that you never embark on a tactic without a deep conversation about the strategy that drives it. Our Manifesto outlines five principles of communications that guide our work, gained from years of studying people who value travel and outdoor recreation.

We offer 5 services that help clients connect with this influential market. These services will help you do some or all of the following:

  • Have a strategy that guarantees alignment between your brand and your branding
  • Create a strategic foundation to coordinate the endless tactical choices in today's converged media environment
  • Apply as many of our 5 principles of successful communications as possible

More than ever, travel and outdoor recreation set the trends for the places we live and the brands we buy. We know how to communicate with these Adventurists because we are Adventurists. We can drive business with this segment for you.